About the project

The International Conference on “Digital challenges for museum experts” is organized under the eCult Skills, an EU co-funded, Transfer of innovation project, which investigates new and emerging jobs in the cultural sector in 6 EU countries, compare them and create national profiles.

The eCult Skills project analyzed the market needs, the existing trainings available for different competences, and defined a professional standard in the participating European countries in order to address the shortage of skilled professionals with ICT qualifications in the Cultural sector.

Based on the analysis of the labor market needs and the input received by sectorial stakeholders regarding the development of the training profile model, Culture Industry development policies need to place strategic goals of a broader context, to seek enhanced quality of service that will enforce the existing workforce and eventually attract young people to the profession.

Existing professional and new recruits need to acquire ICT skills and attitudes of the ideal eCulture professional such as the abilities to be creative, versatile, able to manage digital knowledge, quality and excellence, technical and humanistic training. Thus Culture Jobs need to be enhanced with eSkills to become eCulture Jobs.

The expected impact of the project will allow for comparable skills sets for these professions of the future, so as to support the European labor market and thus, the employability of professionals while at the same time contributing to one of the major challenges of Europe 2020.

eCult Skills partners identified and specified the knowledge, skills and competencies required for new specialist profiles in the Culture sector and formulates these, according to the structure of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF). This approach leads to a better transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications through a transparent and adapted to market needs professional model.

The final outcomes of the project are available through the official project website http://ecultskills.eu/.